DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A bear in China has become subject to controversy all across the world.

Angela the sun bear is a resident at Hangzhou Zoo in China. Many people are doubting that a bear could be standing in an upright position with an almost human-like posture.

The zoo’s deputy director reportedly told NBC’s “TODAY” through an NBC translation that the bear is real, while encouraging people to visit the zoo to see for themselves.

With the attention on the zoo, the interest in attending and wanting to see the bear has increased about 30 percent. Visitors are hoping to bear witness to the controversy to have the opportunity to watch the bear.

In the United Kingdom, a bear named Kyra lives at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. On social media, the park in Hertfordshire confirmed that “Kyra is still a sun bear,” as a video of Kyra plays of her interacting with a piece of wood in her enclosure.

Paradise Wildlife Park said that sun bears might look human when they’re standing up, but they actually have the natural behavior of standing on their hind feet.