STARK COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – The Stark County Humane Society is at capacity.

Colder weather, evictions and fewer people adopting have led to the shelter hitting capacity.

Executive Director Jackie Godbey said 50 dogs are ready for adoption, and 50 more are being prepped for adoption. There are also more than 130 cats and kittens looking for a home.

“We are at capacity right now; we are full of dogs and cats,” Godbey said. “We’re just looking for anyone who might be looking to add a new furry friend to their home for the holidays.”

Back in October, FOX 8 showed you how the Stark County Humane Society helped rescue more than 40 dogs and cats from a home in Canton Township – a case of animal cruelty that led to jail time. Two months later, some of those animals are still waiting to be adopted.

“They’ve already been through so much before they came to us,” she said. “And now they’re vetted, spayed, neutered, microchipped, boostered, everything’s done – they’re ready to go home. We’d love to see them go home for the holidays with a family.”

Godbey said the Stark County Dog Warden also has more than 50 dogs right now, signaling a call to action from the community. 

“When you’re adopting, you’re helping the one that you’re taking home and giving that forever home to, but then you’re also opening that cage or that kennel for an animal in need that needs us to help them. So definitely when you adopt one, you help two,” she said.

With Christmas right around the corner, she says there’s no better time to consider adoption.

“This is the gift that keeps on giving because the love and the companionship with a pet especially with a child is unbreakable,” Godbey said. “As an animal lover my whole life, I can definitely say my pets were my best friends. So, adopt, don’t shop.”

More information on how to adopt one of these animals in need can be found on the Stark County Humane website.