** WARNING: The details and information found below are graphic. **

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) — At least thirty dogs were found dead in a Butler County animal rescue.

According to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, 90 living dogs and at least 30 dead dogs were reportedly found by the deputy dog warden’s department of the sheriff’s office. The owner of the rescue allegedly ran the rescue under the name of Helping Hands for Furry Paws in Madison Township.

Investigators searched two different properties in Madison Township. The conditions the animals were found in were described as “the most horrible conditions they have ever seen.”

Five different refrigerators and freezers held some of the remains of the dogs that died. Both puppies and adult dogs were allegedly found dead in different states of decomposition. Some of the refrigerators and freezers were said in the release to not be working.

“One garage housed over 25 dogs in cages with no ventilation or air conditioning, with measured indoor temperatures of 89 degrees,” a release said. “Numerous animals were housed together in cages filled with urine, fecal matter, and no food or water.”

A mother, along with eight newborn puppies, were reportedly found in one cage.

When the deputy dog wardens arrived at the main house, the odor was described as “strong
enough to burn their eyes,” taking their breath away and unlivable housing conditions.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says, “Neglect that rises to this horrific level of cruelty will never be tolerated in this county. If you find you can’t properly care for your animals, there are
many agencies that will help. Otherwise you will go to jail.”

The owner and operator of the rescue is reportedly facing dozens of felony and misdemeanor charges. Charges are said to be for neglect and cruelty to companion animals, according to the sheriff’s office.

All dogs were taken to Animal Friends Humane Society of Butler County for evaluation and treatment. Since the dogs will be held at the society until they are removed by a court or given up by the owner, the society is asking for donations and foster care providers.

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