Tiny homes workshop builds five homes in six days

WATE - MORRISTOWN (WATE) – There are "regular" sized homes and then there are tiny homes – ones that, if you didn't know they were smaller, you might not realize anything is different. The differences are what make Randy Jones' business, Incredible Tiny Homes, a busy reality.

The concept of a tiny home has everything you would imagine in any home: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, working water and electricity. Jones took this growing trend and turned it into something, that he says, is special.

"It starts from a raw trailer to a finished product with a full kitchen full bathroom, two lofts on a trailer ready to cross the country," said Jones.

Starting the week of January 15, Jones and the tiny homes company launched a six-day workshop. In less than a week, homeowners will build and finish customized tiny homes, all designed along with Jones who says tiny homes are just boxes. His company can turn them into anything.

"To me, the heartfelt part of it is more important because if you get too much money involved in it. It's going to take any the feel and the energy you're seeing. I don't ever want to lose that." said Jones.

Homeowners pay upfront for the cost to build the home. Once it's paid, it's owned by the homeowner. These tiny homes will be loaded onto trailers on Sunday and taken to final stops.

"Without God's help, and our church's help, we would've never been able to do what we've done." said Soynia Cox, homeowner.

Cox and her family are building their tiny home for their daughter. She says without the support of her church, they would have never been able to see her dream become a reality.

For other builders, these tiny homes won't just stay in one place.

"How are you going to do this? Have you thought about this? What about kids? Big dogs? You just do it," said Philip Newby, a homeowner who also serves in the U.S. Air Force.

Newby and his wife Robbie are planning on moving their tiny home whenever his military station changes. Their home will be wherever they are, something Philip Newby says is one of the reasons they chose to come to the workshop and build it in less than a week.

"There's no way that he can build a home this fast and have good quality. The homeowners are here. Day two I think they're all still impressed where we're going." said Jones.

The workshop is designed to teach homeowners how to build, but they are not expected to do it alone. Jones brought in contractor teams and invited volunteers with carpentry experience to properly build the homes.

He says this is just the beginning of how these homes could be used. He is working to get certifications for every piece of the tiny homes his companies builds, from the foundation to the plumbing, so that cities in East Tennessee and across the country will accept tiny homes as permanent living solutions.

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