Samsung shows off latest tech and beyond at Olympics

Erin Cargile - PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (KXAN) - As the Olympics begin winding down, South Korea continues to be on full display for everyone to see.

The Winter Games are giving the country's tech giant a chance to show off its latest and greatest ways to connect people with the world.

Erin Cargile got a chance to experience their showcase in the middle of Olympic Park.

[WATCH: Samsung sets up shop in the middle of Olympic Park]

Smack dab in the middle of Olympic Park one of the biggest sponsors has set up shop. The Samsung showcase is drawing quite a crowd - 6,000 people walk through the doors each day.

The experience offers a trip down memory lane, from the first cell phone to the tech company's 20 year Olympic partnership and then it's time to go on a wild ride into the future.

A VR, or virtual reality, is a full body experience at the showcase. Theme-park style rocking chairs that move with the video in your headset to options are thrilling visitors.

It's like a playground for all ages - and even with the chaotic crowds--the next generation of users are fully focused. Just another unique Olympic adventure that's sure to stick with everyone who walk through the door.

There are more than half a dozen Samsung showcases spread out across the Olympic venues.

And as a gift, the company sends every Olympic athlete home with a brand new smartphone.

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