Oakwood High School students attending Trump inauguration

OAKWOOD, Ohio (WDTN)- 15 students from Oakwood High School are making the trip to Washington D.C. for the Presidential inauguration.

It's something the school has been doing since 2008.

The group of students making the trip are mostly upperclassmen in advanced placement government classes.

"I think it's an important moment in history," Oakwood senior Maggie Ryan said. "It's a unique opportunity to go with friends as a last hurrah for our senior year."

Parents hope the students will have fun and bring some valuable knowledge back from the nation's capitol.

"I hope she takes away an appreciation for the democratic process, and that in our country we can have a peaceful transition of power," said Don Groff, the parent of a junior making the trip. "Hopefully, our country will get to a place where people respect one another and she can be a part of that."

Back in 2008, Oakwood sent 30 students, but that number dropped in 2013 down to 15. The same amount going this year. The students are all paying their own way, and excited to witness history.

Oakwood senior Bryce Lindsey said, "I was interested in this trip because I sort of wanted to be there to witness and experience history in the making."

Lindsey's classmate, Madeline Groff said, "I wanted to go because my parents went to the inauguration in DC in 2008 and they said it was so cool to see everything that was there."

Oakwood junior Elizabeth McGerth said, "To me this is a chance to see something that will probably be in textbooks for years to come."


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