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Judge to rule if conversations between teen, doctor may be admitted in court

CARLISLE, Ohio (WDTN) - Attorneys for Brooke Skylar Richardson--the teen accused of killing, burning and burying her newborn daughter in her backyard--is asking a Warren County judge to prohibit prosecutors from introducing testimony involving communication between Richardson and her doctors at Hilltop Obstetrics and Gynecology in Middletown.

Richardson's doctors were the first to alert police about the alleged stillborn baby buried in the backyard of Richardson's family home. In July 2017, the newborn's corpse was discovered by the Warren County Sheriff's Office.

Richardson is facing one count of aggravated murder, among other charges. She's accused of killing her newborn daughter and burying her in the backyard after giving birth to her inside the home.

"The physician-patient privilege belongs to the patient, not to the physician," according to a motion filed by Richardson's defense team Wednesday. "In order for any privileged communication to be disclosed, the patient must either consent to the release of the information or the communication must fit within the parameter of a specific waiver created by the legislature permitting disclosure. Counsel submits that all communications by Skylar Richardson are confidential and there are no legislative exceptions."

Prosecutors filed a motion Wednesday asking the judge to allow testimony from doctors.

The judge is expected to hear arguments from both sides Thursday about the physician-patient privilege issue. A hearing is set for 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

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