Piqua HS students surprised by random act of kindness

PIQUA, Ohio (WDTN) - PIQUA, Ohio (WDTN) – Students at Piqua High School were greeted with a thoughtful surprise on Monday after continued reports of school lockdowns across the country.

Students came back to school with hearts attached to all of their lockers.

Each locker had the students name and an inspirational message saying, “You are loved.”

“Everyday I’m proud of what my students have done and what my staff does. But when I came in on Monday. I stepped back. I really did because this was well beyond just the normal great things that are happening here,” said Principle Rob Messick.

“It was a nice surprise. We were kind of unsure who did it. We are still unsure. It’s nice going back to your locker everyday and getting something to brighten your day,” said Mason Darner, a junior at Piqua High School.

The last few days. Let alone weeks, have put schools and their students in headlines they want no part of.

Maddie Mitchell, a senior, can sense it’s impacting the student body.

“It’s kinda just brought everybody’s energy down. Kinda not making high school something we are looking forward to,” said Mitchell.

Megan Haskins has been a teacher in Piqua for more than a decade. She’s never seen anything like this.However, she say it’s not surprising because the school is working to instill better values on students.

“We have seen them. We have seen the students using that for good. It makes me happy that what we do is making a difference,” said Haskins.

Students and most of the staff have no idea who is behind the kind act.

“I would say thank you. It’s such a considerate thing to do for the rest of us,” said Mitchell.

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