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"No such thing as bad weather" - USPS mail carrier unfazed by cold snap

OAKWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) - Facing the frigid temperatures is just another day at the office for some Miami Valley workers. Dayton-area letter carriers are layering up this winter to keep the mail running.

15-year USPS veteran Ernie Tickler has been delivering mail to the same Oakwood neighborhood for the majority of his tenure. He says he walks more than nine miles each day dropping off postage to homes and businesses.

"It's like a 'mini-marathon,'" Tickler says.

The letter carrier enjoys being outdoors in whatever weather he faces in Southwest Ohio.

"There's really no such thing as bad weather," Tickler reasons. "It's bad gear, bad preparation. So if you wear the right stuff, you're pretty comfortable year-round."

Friday, Tickler was wearing three layers. On sub-zero days, he'll add one more layer for warmth.

He says, "Generally I start with a nice base layer, a wool-blend base layer, your regular shirt and then I wear a hoodie and an overcoat."

Given the choice between bundling up and battling this latest cold snap or sweating in the heat of summer, Tickler prefers the former.

"I actually like the cool weather, preferable to the hot weather," he says. "You can only take so many clothes off. You can put clothes on when it's cold."

Even on the coldest days, Tickler says he rarely turns the heat on in his mail delivery van, saying it makes it more difficult for his body to adjust to the outside temperature. He says walking outdoors and socializing with the neighbors is a perk of the job.

"I just like being outside, regardless of the weather," Tickler says. "I like seeing the same people I've known forever out here. And I try to do a good job for them."

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