Leaf pick up in full swing

CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN)  While raking leaves and pushing them to the curb can be a chore it's a great way to keep them on the ground and out of the storm drains.

The leaves are changing and falling from the trees and soon you'll see equipment like this picking up those leaves all across the Miami Valley. But there are a few things you need to know to stay safe.

The trucks are gassed up and have already been canvassing Centerville neighborhoods looking for signs of fall.

"We noticed this year there were a lot of leaves coming out early. We picked up more leaves in the first week than we did in the first two weeks last year. So it looks like the leaves are coming down a little early," Doug Spitler, Director of Centerville Public Works.

Doug Spitler with Centerville Public Works says crews will likely pass through each neighborhood about four times this fall.

And while it gets rid of the clutter along the streets there are a few other reasons the city provides this service.

"We don't want them going down in our storm sewers system mainly. In Centerville we have a lot of mature trees and there's a lot of leaves and people can't get rid of them readily," Spitler explains.

But these leaf piles need to be free and clear of other debris. While grass clippings may occasionally make it into the piles tall grass or other larger pieces should be set aside.

"Our equipment is very rugged but at the same time a piece of firewood or even a large limb can really reek havoc on the equipment and breakdown grass clippings are incidental and that's typically ok as long as it's not the majority," Spilter says.

Spilter warns while it may be tempting for kids to jump and play in the large leaf piles it's best to create a separate pile farther in the yard for them. This way they can stay far away from the large and loud equipment.

To find leaf collection times in Centerville click here. 

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