5-year-olds save mom with epilepsy by calling 911

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) -  Dayton twins are being hailed as heroes.

Their mother is alive thanks to their live-saving efforts on Sunday night.

5-year-olds Alexia and Alayna Mouget were just about ready for bed, but one sister wanted a glass of water so she called out to her mom, Kelly.

When mom never answer, she went to investigate, only to find her mom lying somewhat lifeless on the kitchen floor.

2 NEWS obtained the 9-1-1 call that Alexia, described as the more outgoing twin, made.

In it the following can be heard as the dispatcher keeps the girl calm:

  • Dispatcher: Are her eyes open?Child: Yes. Dispatcher: Okay...You're doing a really good job. I'm very proud of you.
  • Dispatcher: You can tell her we have help on the way, okay? Tell her help's on the way.                                                             Caller: Mommy, help's on the way okay?

Throughout the phone call, Alexia remains poised, searching for clues and ways to help her mother.

Monday afternoon, the family invited 2 NEWS into their home to discuss all that happened.

Proudly, the twin girls showed 2 NEWS' Beairshelle Edmé how to dial 9-1-1 on their toy phones.

But, it was clear, they knew when it wasn't a game and the phone was used for serious business.

Kelly Mougey has suffered from epilepsy for 40 years.

Seizures aren't new and her twins have seen Mougey have them before.

However, often times, they were in the presence of someone else, be that dad or their grandparents.

Sunday night that was not the case, Mougey was home alone with her twins.

While getting their lunch ready for Monday, mom remembers gripping the counter and the rest she says is a blur.

Mougey had another seizure, and she believes her daughters actions may have saved her life.

While Alexia dialed 9-1-1, Alayna even scribbled a note with the people first responders should call.

The list included pop pop, mimi, gigi and her father.

And while on the phone, Alexia was hard at work.

She couldn't get the front door open, but she found a way to release the patio door and garage.

Knowing their lessons worked, mom and pop pop say they could not be prouder of their 5-year-olds.

"They're so grown up for their age," mom reflected. "They as 5-year-olds do so much more- not only just in school but in a sense of anything, so much more then I've seen normal 5-year-olds do. "

Grandpa Steve McDowell feels,"better now knowing that it's kind of a test and they passed the test really well. They knew what to do and they stayed calm enough to be able to get it done."

Mochey has been released from the hospital; she is in good health and credits that to the help of her brave little girls.

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