Annual state report cards on Ohio public schools showed mixed results

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) -- The Ohio Department of Education on Thursday released information on how each of the state's public school districts is preparing students to succeed.

Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Rhonda Corr held a news conference Thursday to address the state report card grades for the district.

Dayton Public Schools received low scores in several categories in the latest state "report card."

"Are we where we want to be? No, it will take time," Corr said.

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Corr says the report card shows more than just academics.

"If you look at it across the border, you'll find that it falls on the socio-economic status," Corr said.

2 NEWS contacted the Ohio Department of Education and learned the grading standards were changed for this academic year. Under the current standards a district must have 80 percent achievement in a category to increase their overall grade.

The ODE says that is why 14 of 16 districts in Montgomery County received failing grades in the "indicator met grade" category, including Dayton Public Schools.

According to the report, DPS saw a slight improvement in K-3 literacy and received an "A" in the gifted category for the 2016-17 school year. 406 Students in the gifted program are identified as gifted in specific subjects or are identified with high cognitive abilities, according to DPS.

12 districts improved their overall performance index grade including Twin Valley, Cold Water Exempted Village, Fort Recovery, Southeastern, Cedar Cliff, Miami East, Brookville, New Lebanon, Northeastern, Franklin Monroe and Mississinawa Valley Local.  Oakwood is the only school district in the entire Miami Valley to score an "A" in Performance Index Grade.

DPS issued a statement, citing that improvement, which puts nearly 1,800 students on track moving towards reading proficiency.

Corr says her first year at DPS has been a success but also a challenge. The state has recognized the growth made at DPS, but noted they have not made as much progress as other districts.

"My expectation for next year is you'll see amazing growth," Corr said. "We are looking forward and we're making sure that we do have everything in place"

In its release, DPS included the following statement:

"While the state education report card shows some successes, DPS leadership is candid about the efforts still needed to best develop the abilities of all district students. To address the shortfalls, over the last year, Superintendent Rhonda Corr has led a deep re-structuring approach to education in the district that includes culturally relevant and competent instruction and learning materials, social emotional child development best practices and developing curriculum that will expand how our educators deliver their instruction. That includes "Teacher Leaders" who will be selected as support, observation, feedback and training for their colleagues. Superintendent Corr says measureable progress should be seen in the academic year, but it will take 3 to 5 years of consistent effort to turn around the district's overall performance."

DPS says it will also continue to add more financial support to classroom instruction as expenditures in this area continue to climb.


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