DPS community members discuss 'right-sizing' district

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) - In less than 2 weeks, DPS will announce which schools could close due to low enrollment. Wednesday night is the last chance for the community to weigh-in on the issue.

A few dozen parents and community members met at Edwin Joel Brown Pre-8 School to get their voices heard one final time before the district decides which buildings to close.

Concerned community members took action Wednesday night, hoping to sway district officials before they decide which schools to close.

"We don't want this school torn down," Gloria White said. "We need something in the area. They've taken Good Sam away from us. This community needs something to hold on to. We're proud of this school."

White is talking about Edwin Joel Brown Pre-8 School

In December, the district identified the following 9 schools as buildings with enrollment below 50 percent:

  • Meadowdale High School
  • Meadowdale Elementary School
  • Rosa Parks Preschool
  • Wogaman Middle School
  • Dayton Boys Preparatory Academy
  • Innovative Learning Academy
  • Westwood Elementary School
  • World of Wonder Elementary School
  • Edwin Joel Brown Middle School

of these 9 schools the district identified as being less than 50 percent full.

"We are proud of this one and Fairview," White said. "These are our anchors. And they are trying to take an anchor away and it is a good school."

Edwin Joel Brown was built just 10 years ago, but could close as part of DPS' plan to 'right-size' the district. Currently, officials aren't saying which schools will close. Acting Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli says parents biggest concerns are security and convenience.

"Our parents are concerned about their student safety and security," Lolli said. "Parents are concerned about access to the buildings. They want to be close to their schools buildings, close enough so they can get there after school events and before school events."

Gloria White says she's concerned their feedback won't impact the decision, worried the district has already made up their mind on which schools to close.

"I hope that they do take it seriously," White said. "Because we do not want to lose this school."

The district will submit their proposal on which schools should close at the board meeting on March 13th. The school board will then vote on their proposal at the following board meeting on March 20th.


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