Dog flu spreading across Ohio

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) - Flu season is here and it turns out man's best friend can also get infected. Cases of dog flu are being reported across Ohio.

Vets say the dog flu is extremely contagious. Pet owners I spoke to say they're already taking steps to protect their pooch.

"I think I should get my dogs vaccinated," pet owner Michelle Baker said. "They do go on walks where they're sniffing where other dogs have been so... It's on my to-do list now that I've heard about it."

Baker has two miniature poodles who love to go on long walks. But Baker said their next trip will be to the vet.

"I didn't know they got the flu," Baker said, "but they get other things so yeah, why not."

Local vet, Dr Daniel Brauer of Dayton South Vet Clinic, says he hasn't seen any cases of dog flu come through his office in recent months.

But with the highly contagious virus spreading across the state he's encouraging dog owners to get their pets vaccinated.

"If they come in contact with it, they will get it," Brauer said.

Dog flu can be spread through the air, from dog to dog.

Pet shelters in places like Columbus have had to temporarily close after dogs there, got sick. Brauer said the virus continues to spread.

"There's been some cases in Mason, Ohio," Brauer said. "Down in Cincinnati, and upper Kentucky, and there's some outbreaks in Cleveland, as well."


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