Doctors see increase of injuries due to icy conditions

KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) - Ice covered much of the Miami Valley on Sunday and the slick conditions sent several people to the hospital.

"We've seen tons of people falling on the ice, many slips and falls," said Dr. Carrie Baker, an emergency physician with Kettering Health Network.

"We've had some young people, some older people. It definitely doesn't pick on any age group," she said, "A lot of people have hit their head. They've had fractured arms, legs, we've seen a couple car accidents."

According to her, the most common injury she sees are wrist fractures from when people try to catch themselves with their hands when falling.

While it's hard to prevent a fall, Dr. Baker recommends making sure you're taking the proper precautions.

"Make sure you wear shoes with good traction. This is not the time to wear heels, if you're going outside try to minimize it as much as possible and walk through the snow as opposed to walking on the actual sidewalk if you need to so that you're getting better traction than walking in the driveway where it's slick," she said.

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