Dayton Public Schools on student deaths

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Today is the first day back from spring break for Dayton Public Schools, but two students won't be joining their classmates: 14-year-old James Banks Jr, who was shot and killed last week, and 13-year-old Nathan Wylie who died Saturday after overdosing on heroin.

Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Rhonda Carr said trained counselors are on hand to provide emotional support, and education for the returning students.

"You know it always impacts kids," Corr said.

"You show up to school and your classmates not there, and 'Did you hear about so and so' - or they hear pieces and parts on the news. So the import thing is for the crisis support team to be there not only for the emotional support but also educate about the dangers regarding the shooting and unfortunately the crime epidemic that we seem to have plaguing the country."

Banks Jr was found by medics lying on the ground at Wexford Place after he was shot during a robbery.

Police say he was shot six times.

He was taken to Miami Valley Hospital with life threatening injuries where he later died.

That same day, Wylie was taken to Miami Valley Hospital after medics administered the overdose antidote Narcan.

He was later transferred to Dayton Children's Hospital, but never recovered.

"It's becoming unfortunately too common," Corr said.

"Not just in the schools, but we have a problem across the Dayton area and really across the country that we're trying to tackle. It's very important that our parents are educated. I really don't know all the details, but from what I understand, it was lying around the house. What do you do to prevent that, other than make sure that doesn't happen, number one - and number two, that we educate our children that if you see something like that, to avoid it. And perhaps even report it."

Corr said not many children have reached out for counselling, but the resources are there and trained professionals stand ready to help.


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