Dayton Police sergeant fired for lying about accessing Chief's personnel file

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) -  According to documents obtained by 2 NEWS, former Dayton Police Sergeant Tonina Lamanna, was fired Tuesday, October 3 for lying about accessing Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl's personnel file.

According to Lamanna's personnel file, on or about August 29, 2017, Lamanna was not truthful during an interview when she indicated she did not access Chief Biehl's personnel file.

Lamanna's attorney, Chandra Brown, sent a written statement saying Lamanna,  "had an impeccable record and a great respect within the community. Her only disciplinary issues have happened very recently since the filing of her civil lawsuit against the City of Dayton for discrimination."

Prior to Lamanna's firing, she filed a lawsuit against the Dayton Police Department alleging discrimination and asking for damages in excess of $75,000.

The statement also claims Lamanna has been, "subjected to harassment since she initially filed her first complaint with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission in 2010 and the harassment intensified when she placed as a top candidate on the Police Sergeant civil service exam in 2014"

Brown said in the written statement that Lamanna is "devastated." Lamanna also made a comment in the written statement.

"There was no greater honor for me than the day that I became a police officer. I took the oath to serve and I took it seriously. I worked hard for the City of Dayton for seventeen years and I never got any discipline until I started complaining about the unfair treatment I was receiving. I am scared of the message this sends to me and to other women who are looking to become police officers."

According to Brown, Lamanna plans to appeal her termination and will also file a charge with the EEOC for wrongful termination.

You can read the full written statement by Lamanna's attorney here.

We've reached out to the city for comment on the matter, but they said they do not comment on documents concerning personnel file matters.

2 NEWS Reporter Jordan Bowen is following up with this story.

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