5-year-old girl awarded for her courage by Kettering Fire Dept.

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) - A young girl's quick thinking helped prevent a fire from happening in her family's home. Now, the Kettering Fire Department is awarding the 5-year-old girl for her courageous efforts.

2 NEWS Reporter Jordan Bowen spoke to Sophia Allen and her family today. It's an example of What's Working in the Miami Valley.

When 5-year-old Sophia Allen saw something in her fire place she knew just what to do and that's because of training she had received just weeks before from the fire department at her school.

Thursday, firefighters commended Sophia for her courage in situation when it mattered most.

"My baby brother was asleep," Sophia said. "He was taking a nap. Mommy and daddy were doing the laundry and I was downstairs watching a show."

That's when Sophia saw smoke and ran upstairs to tell her dad.

"She noticed that there was smoke coming," her dad Cory Allen said. "The fire was behind the wall and she noticed some of that smoke coming out from the wall and so she came and got us. We weren't really paying attention to it. We noticed it and were able to get her and get her brother and get out of the house and call the fire department.

Now, that same fire department is honoring Sophia with a special certificate of commendation. Assistant Fire Chief Nick Hosford explains how it was fate that just days before the fire Sophia learned what to do if she was ever in one.

"One of our firefighters, Mark Dugrow, had been out to the school that very day teaching about the importance of fire safety and the importance of having an escape plan and getting everybody out of the house quickly," Hosford said. "Later that day, this family unfortunately had a reason to use those skills."

"She actually started yelling to us that 'I learned during fire safety week that we have to get out of this house'," her mom Amanda Allen said. "She knew exactly what to do."

And that's because Sophia learned to always remember to get out of your house if there's ever a fire in your house.

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